About Us

In 2011, Lee Williams who has been in business for many years and been annoyed by the fact that companies offering business directories were seemingly offering the world, charging a fortune but delivering next to nothing, decided to set up a business directory that was absolutely free, it would cost nothing to the businesses who signed up and it would do what it said, they could advertise themselves, offer vouchers, add pictures, logos, etc etc and it would all be free.  They would then be advertised to Social Networks, again for Free.

This site was called The-Voucher.Com



Unfortunately The-Voucher.com finished in 2013, however it has now been replaced by the even better Vouch3r

Having had successful direct marketing businesses, Lee understands that times change, advertising changes and you have to move with the times or stay stagnant, therefore, after 2 years of building up the “Freddie Pig” brand, it was decided to announce to everyone the company behind the piggy and therefore Tweetable Business Solutions was introduced.
MMM Tweetable

Having spent 2 years building up the followers and friends of Freddie Pig on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Linkedin etc, we decided to create a showcase site where businesses could be advertised for Free via a random drawing of businesses that retweet and like our statuses.

As well as businesses being advertised for Free on a daily basis, there is the option, open to all to advertise on the site for a day, week, month or even a year.  These advertisers will gain massive coverage as people vying to be a “Free Advertiser” will be retweeting and sharing the pages that you are on to all their followers, therefore gaining more and more coverage for you and your site.  We will not be ripping anyone off, our prices start from as little as £1 – We believe everyone deserves to advertise their business for a fair and affordable price.

Tweetable Business Solutions also moved on with the times and changed name to The Social Keyboard

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