Beckett & Co Solicitors – Showcase Winners!

Solicitors on Twitter? Really?

Solicitors are traditionally seen as serious, stuffy and intimidating. However, at Beckett & Co Solicitors we believe that solicitors, and the law, should be accessible to everyone and we use Twitter to breakdown the stereotype.

We are specialist personal injury solicitors who believe passionately that every injured person is entitled to their own expert, independent advice leading to proper compensation.  We understand that many people are worried about consulting a solicitor due to concerns about cost and for this reason we offer a free, no obligation consultation, by phone or free meeting, in every case. Alternatively, we can be contacted via our website where a free call back can be requested or a free enquiry submitted.

What about Twitter? Well, follow us at @BeckettandCo and you will see that we love to tweet and more importantly, connect with people. Why is this so important to us? Quite simply because people are our business. We don’t deal with ‘cases’ – we help injured people.

When @TeamFreddiePig picked us to be Showcase Business of the Day we were thrilled as it was an opportunity to increase our network and connect!  We’re always grateful for the support we receive from our fantastic followers and Freddie is one of the best!

So, thank you Freddie for helping us spread the word that solicitors are friendly, approachable and here to help!

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Author: Freddie

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