Beware of the Web Designer! (Or any other business that polishes turds)


Not all Web Designers are the same!


I have decided to write this blog because I have been left completely disappointed by a web design firm that on the outside offers the world, with their shiny website, polished chat and appearance of being much bigger than they actually are.

Earlier this year I came up with a concept for a site – a great little concept that certainly had legs, however it seemed pretty technical and so I thought I will send the details to several Web Designers that I have come across on Facebook & Twitter.

So I did, I sent the concept to 4 businesses – and then I waited – Unfortunately, I am not the most patient person in the world and especially when it comes to new ideas, I love the building of new concepts, getting them going, making them useable etc. and so when I send that email (Rightly or wrongly) I expected an answer fairly soon.

From 2 of the businesses in question, I have never heard back – Not a word, despite tweets and direct messages enquiring about it.

1 business got back to me straight away and stated that the idea, good as it was, was far too technical for them.

1 business got back to me via Twitter and then phone call, lovely chat, we have received your email but will need our MD to chat to you etc. etc. (Immediately gives you the feeling that your idea is worthy of a call from the MD – Great sales technique, if you can follow it through!)

I received a call a few days later from the MD, an affable chap, talked at 10 to the dozen, asked a few questions, listened to ideas, and then said I will get our developers to look at your idea and get back to you within a couple of days with a price etc.

After a week….I was feeling forgotten, so I tweeted/DM’ed my originally contact who seemed surprised that I felt this way….they said they would get a price for me….

A further week passed and a quick phone call came in stating that the developers had looked into the project and said it would cost £10,000.00 – I was surprised by the figure and so enquired as to what the build times would be, payment details etc. etc. – I was then informed that the MD would have to speak to me again to explain.  (Surely these details should have been readily available?)

I missed a call – and then received an email stating that the MD had tried calling me and when would be the best time for him to call, I said (due to busy schedules) that it would be better putting the information into an email and then I can read through it and come back with any questions.

A week later I received a further email stating that they were sorry that the MD had been so busy with meetings and training etc. that he hadn’t emailed me (too busy for £10,000 worth of business) and would it be possible for him to give me a quick 10 minute call to explain details – I replied stating that 9 days previous I had asked for an email supplying a full breakdown of costs (Surely at a cost of £10,000 this should be ok)…..I’m still waiting….that was 6 days ago!!

I have been running my own businesses for numerous years and have met some very colourful characters and I probably know every sales dodge and con in the book, so my message to you is this, check who you are dealing with and don’t always believe the hype

Chat to people, look for recommendations, look past the glossy exterior, before spending 000’s of your hard earned cash – do your homework!!



Not all Web Designers are the same!

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Author: Freddie

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