Buy a Tweet

As you are most likely aware, Freddie has a huge social network across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Whether you are looking to have a

New Product Launched

 A Facebook Page Promoted

 A New Website Promoted

Gain Followers on Twitter

or something more personal such as

Wedding Proposal

Birthday Celebration

Anniversary Celebration

Proclamations of Love

Lost Animal

Then why not buy a post, you can choose the wording or we can create a post for you and we will send it out at times specified by you or your business or it can be scheduled to be sent at a random time during the working day between 6am – 9pm.

As always, we offer value for money and therefore will send your post out at a time requested by you from all our Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  Linkedin &  Instagram Accounts, the cost is detailed below:

1 Post for 1 Day – £1.00

1 Post for 7 Days – £6.00

1 Post for 14 Days – £10.00

1 Post for 28 Days – £15.00

To book any of these services, simply contact us via the socials or email

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