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Well, we were luckily enough to be awarded Freddie’s Showcase for 11Th February 2013 – something we were obviously happy about.

Then the kicker – could we write a guest blog?

So, first port of call was Google to discover exactly what this blog business was all about. Us 50- somethings tend to be fairly web-savvy on the things we need to be savvy about, but blogs?

Google gave me “A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis” as a definition of blog.

Ok, so what could I, I being the part of Crash Catcher that “does the web stuff” have an opinion of? I suppose my Specialist Subject, as the man opposite the black chair & spotlight once asked, would be The History Of Championship Manager 1992-2010. I have a feeling that would be a limited audience…….

That just leaves The Further Adventures of Steve & Simon aka Crash Catcher. Hardly a catchy title but we can work on that later. Maybe.

How did it come about? Between us we’ve gained over 30 years’ experience in the motor insurance and motor claims sectors, as well as time served in the Police Force. It was as investigators of insurance claims, more specifically the ones involving “injury” or disputed claims that we met. Within the last six years, we have dealt with in excess of 1,000 motor claims and believe you me, we’ve seen it all – the staged accidents, exaggerated claims, injuries, accidents that never really happened, denied liability – the list goes on & it costs £MILLIONS. Every year. And every motorist pays for it.

It was during one of our regular ‘bitch & whine’ phone conversations, that one of us (can’t remember who) said “if only there was a way of all motorists getting evidence…….” and it was that light bulb moment.

Months of research, testing, and a lot of hard work later has taken us to where we are now. We’re getting to the stage where our name is getting known, we’re getting recommendations & repeat business and enquiries from pretty high-up sources. We’ve even been invited to the House Of Commons by an MP who has concerns over the Crash for Cash epidemic, and in the last week Auto Express magazine have awarded us their Top Tip status. Still a long way to go, but we’re on the ladder to success.

Can we pass on any tips to anyone starting out? Not so sure about that.

We’re still a new venture, still learning, still evolving, but most (best) of all still growing. Through hard work & perseverance, we’re also now able to offer a 10% insurance discount to Crash Catcher users, and the newly launched CC3 is receiving an incredible amount of interest.

What I can say is that I tend to follow two sayings – 1.If it was easy, everyone would do it & 2. The easiest thing to do in business is quit.

What I’ve learnt, in some ways the hard way, is don’t be too trusting of people who say they will do things, then don’t deliver.

The other major aspect I’ve learnt is don’t be too proud to ask for and accept help – Freddie Pig is at the very top of the list in this respect. If someone has already achieved in business, it would be foolish not to listen to what they have to say, and not to accept the help they offer.

That leads us very nicely back to the help & support that Freddie Pig has given to us in help setting up our competition, and of course, the winning of The Showcase, of which we’re very proud.

Does this count as a blog? You tell me………..

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Author: Freddie

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