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Right then Naomi; brace yourself for a busy day.

Up bright and shiny, I head out to a breakfast networking event in Cambridge.  They’re a great way to make new contacts and meet up with some familiar faces.  Finding out about corporate bodies’ needs is the best way to tailor my teambuilding workshops, but more of them later…

A quick munch on a croissant and I’m off and onto the next task of the day.  I’m meeting Miranda and Sean; they’re getting married this weekend and I’ve been helping them get ready for their First Dance together as husband and wife.  They weren’t very confident at first as neither had danced very much.  “We know how to sway from side to side!  We’d like to look a bit more polished than that!”  Today’s rehearsal at their wedding venue is about tweaking little things and boosting their confidence.  If you’re stuck for ideas for a good tune for your first dance, check out for inspiration.

Back into the car and into town!  I’m holding a teambuilding workshop for a large accountancy company.  Yes, that’s right I’m going to make them dance!  I use line dance based choreography with the employees, giving them steps and techniques through simple dances before setting the group a challenge.  They must successfully learn and perform a more complicated, faster dance.  During the session we talk about what skills they need to achieve the target; communication, anticipation, sharing, focussing on key elements.  Then we discuss how these skills transfer to their industry experiences.  One group I’ve worked with had their ‘Eureka!’ moment when they realised how poorly they anticipated sticking points in their cash flow; decided to rethink this for future projects.  Perhaps your company needs a shake up? is the place to look if you’re fed up of yet more PowerPoint presentations.

And home.  Feet up?  Slippers on?  Not yet…. It’s time to head to the studio to teach my regular ‘once a week’ dancers.  They range from dinky 2-year-olds to 16-year- old students planning to make Dance their career.  Ballet, Tap and Jazz are all offered by DanceMatters.  It’s so rewarding to teach the next generation – the funny things they say could fill a blog all by itself!  New to DanceMatters is ‘Dancing Hands’, a class for pre-schoolers based on silly songs, Makaton signing and Ballet.  We all have a great time together; come and see some of our adventures:

Nearly done for the day.  Off to the village hall for a Linedancing class.  My adult group are such smashing people.  We spend an hour together laughing and dancing, as well as supporting each other.  If somebody is absent, they’re bound to get a phone call next day checking all is well.  If somebody is stuck for a lift, they’re bound to get an offer from somebody else.  If somebody feels a bit down when they arrive, they’re bound to feel more cheerful after an hour of chatter and exercise.  A linedance class? A linedance community more like. is where you need to look if you’d like to join us.

Finally home after a busy day.  My last job for the day is to finishing preparing some resources for a private student I’m seeing tomorrow.  He’s studying Dance at A Level and needs some support with the written component of his course.  I was Head of Dance at a Sixth Form College for 10 years and I love to use my expertise to help students achieve their goals.  If your son or daughter needs a little support with their GCSE or A level Dance, look here and see if I can help:

And I’m done for the day.  Thought you knew what dance teachers do all day?  Well now you do!  I’ll have that sit down now…


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