Fiendishly Fabulous – Showcase Winners!

We were absolutely thrilled to log on to Twitter this morning and discover that we’d been chosen to be the #FPSBS Showcase of the day. Thank you, Freddie Pig, very kind indeed. To celebrate our win, we’ve been invited to do this guest blog to tell everyone a little bit about what we do.

Those of you who follow us on Twitter @FiendishlyFab will know we sum ourselves up as “designers of innovative British made family games, puzzle cards & puzzle books created for education and fun”.

The inspiration for our business came one weekend when we’d been playing Scrabble for a while then wanted to play a different word game. As we had nothing else at home, we came up with our own ideas and started playing a game which several years later we brought to the market as our patented word game, Blank™.

Since then, we have created books full of our puzzles which are available on Amazon and more recently a range of greetings cards that also contain games.

We are huge supporters of British industry and buy all our supplies from companies based in Britain.

Our games, cards and books are all available from our website A few weeks ago we launched Blank™ on Amazon UK and within the last few days we’ve announced that we are taking retail enquiries. Soon you might find us in a shop near you!

Our small business is still at early stages, but we are motivated each day by the fabulous feedback we receive from people all over the world who have played our games. Here are a few examples of what people have been saying about us:

The children opened up their new BLANK™ this pm and the verdict is AMAZING! It will bring hours of fun! Clever you!”

“I checked out your game and bought it. Just the kind of thing my family will enjoy.” 

“What a fun birthday card idea for word search fans. No issues with those who prefer to skip the card to open their present!” 

“This is a fabulous family game. I had never heard of it before but I’m so glad i found it on twitter.”

“Just had a look at your game, think I have found the perfect present for my parents!!” 

“Wish I’d known about you at Xmas!”

“My sister’s children are loving @fiendishlyfab game Blank™!” 

“Just about to buy your Blank™ Deluxe for a birthday present, looks fiendishly clever! My kids LOVE word games!”

“I bought your game the first time I saw on Twitter. Love word games and this one is fun. Beats Scrabble!”

We make all our games, cards and books in Perthshire and if you’re looking for a unique British made gift for a word game fan, check out our online shop at You could even get a signed copy of our fiendishly fabulous word game, Blank™!

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Author: Freddie

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