FPSBS Promo Prices

TeamFreddiePig and his family of porcine pals have been promoting businesses on Twitter for the past 6 years and have the accolades to prove it.  We have built up our accounts to the level where we can now offer amazing promotion to massive audiences every day. See The Numbers below for an example of #PiggyPower

The Numbers

3,900+ Retweets received by our Accounts Daily.

1,500+ New Followers Gained Per Week

3,700+ Link Clicks Per Week

65 Million+ Potential Timeline Reach per Week

55% Male Followers  45% Female Followers


These screen Grabs are from Statistics provided by Sprout Social

The Retweet £5/Wk
We will retweet all* tweets using our #FPSBS hashtag or the username
We will check every 4 hours and retweet any previous tweets.
All tweets will be carried out via our main TeamFreddiePig account which has in excess of 50,000 followers
The Persil £15/Mo
8 Promotional Posts sent via our Social Accounts every day
1 Account Only
No Changes included
Retweets with mention (Ltd)
The Frederick £25/Mo
8 Promotional Posts sent via our Social Accounts every day
2 Accounts
No Changes included
1 Hashtag Hour Per Week
Retweets with mention (Ltd)
The Freddie £45/Mo
8 Promotional Posts sent via our Social Accounts every day
4 Accounts on Twitter and also included are posts to G+, FB & Linkedin.
Unlimited Changes
5 Hashtag Hours Per Week
4 Sponsor Days per Month

Optional Extras

If you wish to change parts of your promotion, then take out this optional extra.
Hashtag Hours
If you would like us to visit hashtag hours and promote your business...no problem!
Sponsor Days
Fancy a day in the spotlight, purchase a sponsor day for just a fiver.



Account – This is how many accounts on a daily basis that your promo will be sent from.  This can be any of the 4 main Twitter accounts and is likely to change daily.

Changes – On selected plans you can change promotion, add special offers etc.  The frequency of changes is stated on each plan.

Retweets – We will retweet posts that we come across that are of a promotional nature.  If the plan states “with mention” then we will retweet tweets that include one of our Twitter handles

Hashtag Hours – When the plan includes Hashtag hours, it means we will visit networking hours and promote your business within those hours.

Sponsor Days – Sponsor days are special days were, as an added extra to your standard promotions we dedicate 1 full day of promotion to your business and socials and this will be carried out by our 4 main Twitter accounts.  The dates of the sponsor days can be selected by you.

Analytics – We will provide in depth analytics of your promotion which will include statistics such as retweets, mentions, likes, reach etc.



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