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Hi thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog about our business and the hashtag #sbs @theopaphitis win that we have just achieved.


I must say a big massive thank you to @Teamfreddiepig for giving me this opportunity.


Over 10 years ago my husband had a job working in a Retail shop selling Mobility Scooters. After a few months he really wasn’t happy with how they were dealing with the customers. I had lost my mum unexpectedly after an asthma attack a few years before and then ten weeks after my dad died as he had basically given in. My husband then lost his dad, again it was sudden and unexpected and it made us think about life and where we were going.


We strongly believed that there was a gap in the market to offer an improved quality of service and there was a lack of companies that were caring and interested in the products they were selling, trying to help the end user to lead a better life with the right products. We knew we could make our parents proud by offering the deep care and understanding that our future customers deserved.  We felt we could offer so much more than the other companies and put our heart into achieving a family friendly run business to help those who often were at a vulnerable stage in their life. This is something we still strive for every day to make the customers feel comfortable in their choices to help them lead an easier life.


In 2003 we made the decision to start a small shop in a small town and this is where our business grew.  We take care in only employing staff that share our commitment to customer care and high level of Service and after sales.


We provide Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs and Powerchairs as well as a huge range of other Mobility Disability Equipment ranging from Pill boxes to bathlifts, incontinence products, kitchen utensils aimed at making things easier in the daily routines, to aids to help with different ailments.  What we don’t stock we will try to source and offer advice and the best price we can. We always look for new innovative products that can fit into our range. We also repair and service most makes of Mobility equipment.



We have continued to be involved in the business every day at every level and ensure things do not slide in our customer care. Our existing customers also include R.A.O.B, The Royal British legion, SSAFAA and many private nursing care homes as well as those run by the local authority.



Recently we knew we needed to also be more active with social media with many of our customers now using the internet more and more.  A facebook page was started and then the move to Twitter.


Without a doubt moving to Twitter has been the best move forward in promoting our business and Getting what we do out and about to a larger range of people


We started by following a few people that we knew and it started to grow, as we went along we started to find new friends and followers and see all the opportunities to gain extra presence by Retweeting certain tweets and many chances to promote our business to win awards.   The first one i won was the #QueenOf Mobility.  To achieve this award you had to tweet your business to @ADG_IQ  on a Thursday and try to prove that you are #QueenOf  your business.


Next was to be a big one, it was the #sbs Small Business Sunday award.


For this you have to tweet your business to @theopaphitis on a Sunday night between the hours of 5pm and 7.30 pm using the hastag #sbs.


On a Monday @theopaphitis looks through all the tweets and looks for something that catches his eye, a good business, something that is relevant, he likes to see a link to your website. On this occasion our winning tweet was


@TheoPaphitis Giving people Freedom, an easier life with our products sales service repair and Hire, customer care ( then a link to our website showing some of our customers letters)


Every week i would sit at the computer awaiting the RT from @Theopaphitis at 8pm on the Monday night and when my name didn’t pop up knew straight away i would try again next week.  You have to have determination and commitment to succeed in business and this is no exception. I had to get him to notice me.  The link in the tweet took @theopaphitis to some samples of our customers letters we receive showing that we are succeeding in our aim to make people happy, give them freedom and a new beginning in life.  This gives Chris and I a great big smile and satisfaction that we have helped somebody.  I know it may sound like a cliché but we really do still care about the person and them being happy with their purchase. So many businesses today just see the money not the person .


On the night we were chosen i had been talking to someone else on twitter and on FB, and had lost track of time, when i looked back at twitter i had lots of tweets all saying congratulations and well done. One lady was saying ‘where are you?’  ‘get back of the floor’ and i just looked at Chris and said you are not going to believe this i think we have won #sbs  !  It was a feeling like winning the lottery, i couldn’t believe it. It was a wonderful feeling, @Theopaphitis had seen me and believed in my dedication commitment and perseverance.  I spent a few hours that night trying to keep up with all the tweets and new followers it was just Crazy !!  i finally went to bed about midnight but couldn’t sleep, i took my phone and carried on tweeting throughout the night.  The next day i was shattered to say the least and was walking on air.

The next few days was just buzzing telling everyone, the customers were brilliant and we had so so many messages of support. We did a profile on site and contacted the local media.


We are in the local papers this week, a week has passed and still people are congratulating us, we have made many new friends on twitter, it has helped get contacts for the business and new ventures are opening up to us.  We have been contacted by a few Magazines and online sites to speak about our business and what we can offer.


This has been an amazing week and we feel that we can now reach out to more people and spread the word that we do offer value for money, we do care about the end user and will try our best to help them find the best Equipment for their needs.  We feel we have done our parents and ourselves plus our children proud in achieving what we have set out to do.


We have also been honoured to win #twittersisters last week from @FlowertotsGifts


@Jacqueline_Gold has a #wow Women on Wednesday competition to find #femaleentrepreneurs on a Wednesday. So many opportunities. Remember to use the hashtag, these are what can also Trend, if you ever need any help on Twitter just ask, everyone is really friendly and will help


So if you are in Business make sure that you are on Twitter and follow people like @teamfreddiepig


All the best and thanks again for reading


Karen and Chris


Twitter    @pfmobility



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Author: Freddie

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