TeamFreddiePig was born in 2010 as TheVDCUK and has been tweeting ever since.

In 2012, after a mini vote, we decided to change his name to TeamFreddiePig to coincide with the Olympics and to show that I am not a one man band, without my followers, my team, my family, Freddie couldn’t have got to where he is today.

Over the past 5 years, people have come and gone, social friends have moved on but I have gained some fantastic friends and fantastic support.

The Freddie Pig Most Valuable Piggy Award or Freddie for short, is being awarded to people and businesses on Twitter that have either been there from the start or have come along and brightened up my Twitter world and have supported everything Freddie does.

This is not an award to advertise a business, this award is purely my way of saying thank you so so much.


Freddie. x

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