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A Day in the life of a Princess (Entertainer)

Princess Impersonations is the North West’s leading name in Princess entertainment for private and corporate events, providing high end Disney lookalikes, interactive theatrical shows and princess parties. I am proud to be its Director. My name is Crystal Faulkner.

Here is a day in my world.


8am: check emails and all social site messages and update on what Princess Impersonations are doing today. Check in with the other employees to ensure they too are on track for the day.


9am: Pack up car with costumes, equipment and gifts for the day ahead.


10am: Shower and time to prepare for the first Princess Visit of the day. Face regime is rigorous as princesses have to be flawless. Apply the makeup of the princess I am to be first.


11am: Double check everything, enter details into the sat nav, press play on CD player (Disney Princess music to set the mood) and away I go.


11:30am: Arrive at destination. Today is a house party with a bouquet of pink balloons stuck to the front door (feeling excited now!). Introduce myself to the parents and perform a risk assessment while setting up the other equipment.


11.40am: Time to transform! Unfortunately in the back of my car rather than a glamorous changing room. Petticoat, dress, tights, shoes checked. Wig positioned, accessories adorned and final makeup applied. No longer looking like your average mother of 3, I am now the mirror image of Beauty and the Beasts; Belle. Clearing my throat in preparation for ‘the princess voice’ to replace my Oldham accent and ensure I am every inch the Princess they know and love.


12 noon: Standing at the front door nerves are completely banished as squeals of delight are heard throughout the house as the Birthday girl looks up in awe. The next hour goes without a hitch from Princess Impersonations signature personalised story, princess etiquette lessons, games and photo posing. Twirling out the front door with ‘royal’ good byes and curtseys, once out of site it’s a rush to the car and quick change into ‘Crystal mode’.


1:15pm On way to next job. Corporate event.


2.00pm: Meet manager at front desk and shown to changing room I saw the previous week when performing the risk assessment.


2.10pm: “tonight Matthew I’m going to be….Cinderella”, This time my lovely brown hair is scraped  right back to ensure nothing peeks out from under the blonde wig and eyebrows are lightened. On with the rest of the costume complete with ‘glass’ slippers.


2.30pm: Parade down to the area I have been given to showcase the company’s new princess themed product. Already there are several little girls following behind like little ducklings in Cinderella dresses, arriving especially to see me (or rather Cinderella; I’d be lying if I said it didn’t give me a lovely fuzzy feeling)


5.30pm After 3 hours of autograph signing, photo posing and not to mention talking in ‘the princess voice’ it is time to return home.


6pm Arrive back home. Un-pack the car and wash/store costumes ready for tomorrow. Check emails/messages and reply. Check in with the other girls to see how their day has gone and to arrange their costume cleaning.


6.30pm: Time to spend some quality time with the children and my husband and reflect on the days events.

I feel privileged that I have a job that I not only love but brings so much joy and happiness to children. The look on their faces when the door is opened or they see me from across the room and I wave back is just amazing. It really brings a sense of achievement and makes completing the paper work and accounts that little bit better!









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