Piggy Went To Market

For 2016 we have come up with a massive opportunity for all small businesses that sell their products online or via Social Platforms.

We have found through the years that many businesses are sceptical when it comes to paying out for promotion across social media, not sure if it will work, can’t afford it, will I make anything from it, maybe next month are the main concerns that we have come across, so we have come up with a pretty simple plan that we have called “Piggy Went To Market”.


There are no upfront costs – Guaranteed.


You receive promotion to a massive social media audience daily  – Guaranteed.


Personalised Promotion for your business – Guaranteed


100% Secure – Guaranteed



We list your products on our site complete with images, descriptions, prices, reviews etc we then promote each item individually using your Social Media usernames and with a link to our site.


When sales come in we take payment securely via Paypal, we pass all details of the transaction through to you, we take a small commission of 10% to cover Paypal fees and a small admin fee and forward the remaining balance to you.


You deal with the customer as you would normally and that is it.  Simple.



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