Quaffer Bombs – Showcase Winners

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Quaffer Bomb Glasses.

Quaffer Bombs Glasses are a patented Double Bubble Plastic Bomb Glass with a built-in chaser that allows you to serve/consume bomb shots in style! Each glass measures 50ml on the bottom and 25ml on top.

Our glasses are made from safe ‘food-grade’ PETE recyclable, washable and reusable plastic and compared to conventional glass, are also ‘teeth friendly’! Our glasses can we cleaned in dishwashers up to 65 degrees on a quick 1-2 min cycle, making reuse easy and quick for Bars and Clubs.

The drinks will stay separated until consumed.  To drink… tilt your head back, let the drinks flow and enjoy….due to the unique design, the drinks mix as soon as the glass is tilted.  This bomb glass is guaranteed to be the best bomb you’ve ever had!

Our glasses are used in Clubs, Bars and Hotels all over the UK and we also supply in smaller quantities direct to the public. Venues and people can buy direct from our website at www.Quaffer-Bombs.com

My Twitter account is @SteveQuaffer and our Corporate account is @QuafferBombs (run by our Sales Director Rachael).

Our thanks go to Freddie Pig for the great tweet coverage you have given us. We highly recommend you to everyone

Many thanks

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Author: Freddie

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