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So here I am lucky enough to be Freddie Pig Showcase of the Day!
Well that's a nice way to start the day, especially on a dismal,
January, Thursday morning!
Of course it throws out your morning's plans but that's the beauty
of being self-employed. You can re-schedule and prioritise to suit
I've been running my own business now for 8 years and it's had its
ups and downs but I wouldn't change it.  Some months are really 
frightening especially during quiet periods or when clients don't 
pay as quickly as they should but you take the rough with the 

If it was always easy you wouldn't appreciate the little things 
like a surprise Showcase from Freddie!
I run a lot of training courses on social media and I've lost 
count of the amount of times I'm asked why you should RT or
respond to someones tweet, there is still the lack of 
understanding about the "social" part of social media.  Being 
friendly and polite is how you would be if a potential customer
came into your store and Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn etc are 
simply extensions of that store. There is far more to it than 
just shouting out what you do or "buy from me" "buy from me"
"buy from me"!
I've picked up more online business by saying something random 
and friendly than I have from tweeting about my latest graphic 
design package - people buy from people. Of course you have to 
get your product out there and tell folks what you do BUT take 
the time to stop and read what others are saying and interact.  
I wouldn't be writing this blog today had I not RT'd Freddie and 
his friends.
Being in business in today's economic climate means being 
business smarter, things that worked 20 years ago now don't 
always succeed, it's about moving forward and being positive.
I enjoy getting up and starting work in the morning, I'm lucky
enough to have lovely clients and I'm doing a job that I love
and on top of that today there's Freddie!
If you'd like to know more about me or need help with design &
marketing then please take a look at my website
Taryn x
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Author: Freddie

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