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Many thanks to Freddie Pig and his team for choosing us as their showcase business for the day! On this cold and frosty morning in Cornwall, I am enjoying the heat of the spotlight!

A P Bassett Solicitors are a small family run law firm in the lovely town of Lostwithiel in Cornwall. We deal with allsorts of legal matters, except crime and personal injury. Not all, but a lot of legal services are offered online these days which means you can be anywhere in the country and we would be able to help you. If you visit our website you will see we offer ‘Get an Answer’ so if you have a legal question, do ask and we will give you an answer for free. This acts as an initial free consultation to help you know where you stand, what your rights may be and what options are available to you.

But local is where our heart is. We feel most at home meeting people face to face and prefer doing business that way. That’s because the reason you need to instruct a solicitor is usually to do with complex matters that involve concerns and sometimes people’s emotions. We believe the relationship between solicitor and client is a very important one. It involves trust, confidence and empathy, all of which are much better to discern face to face.

We may be a small firm, but we have a big heart for local community and believe with a passion that small businesses are the back bone. That’s why we are fighting back at the four main banks’ recent decision to remove small law firms like ours from their conveyancing panels. Their decision means for a lot of small firms, they will have to cease trading. Already a large number of small firms have, leaving the public in their community void of any access to local legal services. We don’t think that’s right or fair for the consumer, for the High Street or for us as a business. The success of any small business within a community is vital to the growth of the local economy. We are making 2013 the year to stand up and speak out and have started a campaign banksbad4biz to do just that and invite you to join us.

One of the great things we love about Lostwithiel so much is that most of the businesses are independent traders and there is a lot of ‘working together’ to promote the town by putting on numerous community events throughout the year. You can read all about them here. You can follow the town and meet most of the local businesses on Twitter @lovelostwithiel or you can come and visit us in person next time you are in Cornwall. We would love to meet you!

Being a small business in today’s economic climate is hard going. People are spending less, marketing requires a strategy, and you have to be top of your game to win over the competition. It is easy, especially when it’s just you, to feel very lonely and isolated. That is why we are so pleased to follow @TeamFreddiePig. It is brilliant that he and others like him are out there to help small businesses grow by promoting them and encouraging them to support and promote one another.  Our relationships with each other are even more important these days and I think it does us good to help and encourage one another along the way.

So thank you very much Freddie and Martha. You make a great team!


Twitter: @apbassets and @apbassett1 if you want to follow the boss. (He doesn’t tweet much. Too busy attending to allsorts!)



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Author: Freddie

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