Affordable First Class Service

As a small business what I love about Piggy Promo is it is affordable whilst delivering a first class service. The team are easy to work with and really supportive, they listen to your ideas as to how you want the promotion to work and I cant recommend them enough for promoting your business.

Anita Rosie Lynch

Amazing Value

We chose Piggy Promo for 3 main reasons. Great service, amazing value & fantastic people. We can’t recommend them enough for promoting your business on Twitter. Thanks so much to all the Piggy team for your continued advice, promo & most of all your support.

Martin & Pre

Piggy Promo saves your bacon!

When all else fails piggy promo will save your bacon. A friendly, supportive service like no other.

Martina Fraser

Piggin Perfect Promo

Piggin perfect promo. Effective affordable promotion. Just the thing for any small business looking to improve their social media presence. Delivered by a team that listen to you and put your business first. 😆

Daryl Brown

Top Class Promotion

Like friendly customer service, top class promotion, fantastic support and superb networking opportunities that’s second to none? Then only Piggy Promo will do!!

Sizzletastic Promo

I always believed I could do my own PR, then one day I decided to go for the Piggie Promo. What happened was a #sizzletastic increase in followers but more importantly customers as well. I like their approach and 100% support.

Piggy Promo is effective

Piggy promo is effective, professional and an absolute business must.

A fantastic team

With Piggy Promo you can be sure to always get top service for the most reasonable price, delivered by a fantastic team of supportive and friendly people. Highly recommendable and super effective for building followers and to get your small business seen on social media!

Berit Petersen

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