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As I say the smartest bride (& groom) is the one who uses a wedding planner.  As a wedding planner I would say that but here are the reasons behind my statement:

– I will save you time: do you really want to spend your time trawling the internet for both venues & suppliers? The variation of information provided by both venues & suppliers on their internet sites is staggering.  Plus there are hundreds of venues & suppliers where do you start?

So you find a fantastic venue on the internet that you think is your perfect venue. You arrange an appointment. You get there, you look around, you love it and then your bubble bursts!  They give you their prices and its well out of your budget.  Immediate disappointment and you’ve got to start your search all over again.

As a wedding planner I understand all your requirements and find the venue & suppliers that are right for you & your budget.  Therefore I don’t waste your time with unnecessary trips to the wrong venues & suppliers.   After all you are already very busy!

– I will save you money: the smart bride knows that suppliers & venues offer me deals that they wont give to you. They know I’m talking to lots of florists & photographers & videographers.  So be smart & savvy with your money, after all you work hard for it don’t just give it away because you don’t want to negotiate.  I’m there to do that for you.  Get more for your money & I could potentially save you my fee & beyond, you’ll feel like I’ve been free to you.

But you are thinking – aren’t wedding planners only for big weddings & big budgets.  No, no, no!  I want to be able to help everyone – so big weddings need more planning & organising around the logistics of managing your guests but everyone likes to save money.  For the smaller weddings you need my help with getting value for money from all the suppliers & your venue, and of course the planning & organising.  Everyone get a 100% commitment from me because I’m independent & don’t take commission from venues or suppliers!

– I will save you stress: finding the right venues & suppliers, managing your budget, managing your timeline, the run upto the wedding day, all those little errands that need doing.  Why not let someone else do all those jobs & you just sit back & enjoy the ride?

Don’t you have already have sufficient stress with your job? Do you really want some more?

– its not a bad reflection on you: infact I always think it sounds great when you say “my wedding planner is doing that” or “I’ll get my wedding planner to call & arrange that”.   Of course you are organised but everyone needs a little bit of help, and if you know you aren’t the most organised person then take the pressure off right from the start & get someone else to advise & guide!

You should also know that I advise, guide & help you but I never take over & make decisions on your behalf.  So that inner control freak will still be 100% in charge, you’ll just get everything handed to you on a plate instead of spending time & effort doing it yourself.

– I’ll be there on your day: its amazing how many brides are shocked that their venue ‘wedding co-ordinator’ isn’t actually there on their wedding day.  There is a Duty Manager in place instead.  So you’ve spent weeks & months discussing the intricate details of how you want your day and shock horror, they aren’t there for you on the day.    Yes the Duty Manager is very competent but don’t you feel just a little bit cheated?

A wedding planner will ensure that you’ve got consistency throughout your planning process.  They will make sure that all those little things that you know will make your day special & individual to you will actually happen.  The Duty Manager is just concerned that your food gets put on everyone’s plate at the right time & is hot.   A wedding planner cares about everything & everyone.   I mean who is going to find you a new DJ when the one you’ve booked rings to say he’s been in a traffic accident & can’t make it.

You don’t want to be distracted on the day and a wedding planner will ensure they manage everything.  The worst thing that brides say to me is “I had a great day but….”   Why shouldn’t you have the perfect day?  Let someone else make sure you do have that perfect day!

– I have experience: the majority of brides are doing this for the 1st time and with everything you do for the first time you make a few mistakes along the way.  Its only after you’ve made them will you realise it.  Some will be expensive from a monetary perspective, some will have taken you longer than needed & some will make you cry.

My experience means that I’ll advise & guide you & hopefully stop you making these mistakes. So once again saving you time, stress & money.

–  I’ll manage your suppliers for you: of course your suppliers are all professional & have a good reputation – especially if they’ve been sourced by your wedding planner.  But they are all individuals who come together on one day to work for you.  Some will never have met before & they suddenly have to understand how to gel to get the best results for you.    If there are problems then as a wedding planner I’m the team leader and I’ll sort any problems.

I’ll also make sure that all your suppliers know the timings on the day, I’ll make sure they have enough time to do their jobs properly – so the florist & venue dresser can get into the venue with plenty of time to dress your venue properly.  I’ll make sure that the venue is dressed so the photographer has sufficient time to take photos before everyone gets into the room – you’ll probably not have time on the day to see it & you’ll want a record of it before your guests descend.  I’ll also make sure your photographer has enough time with you & your guests before you have to sit down & eat.  The last thing you want is your venue to tell you what time to sit down and the photographer hasn’t finished.  What’s worse – missing photographs or overcooked/cold food?

So, in summary as a wedding planner I will

– save you time

– save you money

– save you stress

– be there on the day

– stop you making mistakes with my experience

– manage your suppliers

– give you the best day of your life


Doesn’t that sound fantastic? And as I already told you I’m an affordable necessity, not just a luxury for big weddings!

So don’t delay give me a call today – 07795 617 806.

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